About Happy Bumble Bees

It starts with ONE to make a Difference!

Hi-D Bridges founded Happy Bumblebees in May 2022 after learning about the rapid decline of this crucial pollinator, hoping to help restore her local ecosystem in Black Forest, CO. 

To help fund the operational costs of maintaining the apiary, Honeycomb Haven Studio was founded in 2024 where all proceeds are invested back into the hives.

Operating as the 'Queen Bee', Hi-D endeavors are aligned with her small business's mission of 'Populating the world with happiness.'  This is accomplished by caring and providing for the bees in a happy, healthy environment (which is also a Certified Wildlife Habitat).

Hi-D is passionate about helping others that want to help the pollinators by:  providing small batch products sustainable and ethically sourced from the hives of Happy Bumble Bees LLC, sharing education on bees, and creating custom artwork from her Honeycomb Haven Studio.

Shop Our Delicious Honey!

Wildflower Honey

Enjoy the unparalleled, scrumptious taste of our honey created by our Happy Bumble Bees visiting all the local wildflowers in Black Forest, CO. Limited quantities based on the harvest. High quality standards maintained for volumes ethically extracted from the hives.

Creamed Honey

Looking for something new? Try our whipped honey! It's our delicious wildflower honey that has been whipped to introduce air to it. We then add pure extract to make a wide variety of mouthwatering flavors. This is great for spreading on toast, muffins, scones, pancakes, sandwiches and so much more!

Infused Honey

Our infused honey you may be tempted to simply eat it by the spoonful, but we encourage you to get creative! Try them drizzled over your favorite foods, stir them into drinks and cocktails, or use them to replace plain honey or other sweeteners in tried-and-true recipes. Here are a few of our favorites: Spicy honey drizzled over grilled pork chops or baked brie cheese. Garlic-rosemary honey spread over fresh-baked bread. Lemon-mint honey in cocktails, strawberry lemonade or iced tea.

Looking for a special piece of art, customized gift or celebration item?

Honeycomb Haven Studio has unique options that support our hive’s operational costs!

Stand out from the standard high-volume art for sale and feel great about your purchase.

Our available art is always changing so make sure to come back often to secure your one-of-a-kind piece! 

Each purchase is a win/win for you and helps secure the future for our pollinators!

Our Latest News

Keep up with what is happening with our Happy Bumblebees apiary and find educational resources here!

Client Testimonials

We love hearing feedback from our customers! See what all the Buzz is about!!!!

I can't wait to receive my products from Happy Bumble Bees when the honey harvest happens! Hi-D made me a custom plaque of my kennel logo, Seaglass Borzois. It took my breath away for how she was able to capture my logo in this special way. Thank you Hi-D and Happy Bumble Bees for the class act gift! I can also feel good knowing that proceeds from my custom piece are going right back into helping the hives continue to keep operating!

Dr. Heather Lukashin

Owner of Seaglass Borzoi Kennel

I absolutely love this mandala record art that my talented friend Hi-d Bridges made of my new logo!! She's so creative and what a great gift!! She's also the owner of Happy Bumble Bees LLC making sure our pollinators stay protected. Connect with her for your next custom creative art piece. She's AMAZING!!

Jacki Cox

Creativity & Life Coach

OMG, I have an amazing friend who made these special order for me!!!! Can u believe how talented she is? AMAZING

Anita Destino

Founder, President at Journey Within

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Every day of the year is Halloween over here. 🖤

Hollie Clere

CEO of Awesome Sauce at The Social Media Advisor

I absolutely love this! It turned out perfect!!!

Deb Bridges

Owner of Acorn Corgis Kennel

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